Jio Pos Plus App For Retailers – Manage Your Retail Stores & Inventory

Are you Jio retailer and want to manage your all Reliance Jio related work like activate jio sim, order jio products, manage inventory, recharge jio mobile number, digital KYC verification etc? If yes, then we got a solution through which you can perform all these actions using a single app i.e. Jio Pos Plus App. In this article, we are going to share all the details you need to know about this app and we are also going to share the latest apk download link for this app.

Jio Pos Plus Logo

Reliance Jio is a name that every single Indian have heard once in their life. Reliance has changed the internet usage of the whole India by launching free internet, free calling and free SMS service + they have launched most affordable smartphones in India i.e. Jio phone and Jio phone 2. Due to these amazing services, Jio has got millions of customers under it’s service within a very short span of time. With the increase in Jio’s customers, Retailers started to take interest in dealing with Jio products i.e. Jio sim, Jio mobile recharge, Jio aadhaar card link, Jio KYC verification etc.

Due to the increasing interest of retailers in Jio products, Jio has launched an app i.e. Jio pos plus app. Now, we are going to share the details of jio plus app.

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What is Jio Pos Plus App All About :-

Jio Pos Plus is a jio retailer app which has all the features required to manage the Jio products & activities. Retailers can recharge customer’s Jio number, pay postpaid bills, manage Jio products and inventory, can do aadhaar card linking, KYC verification, pre book jio phone with just few clicks and in return retailers will get commission based on their work.

Now, we are going to share the features of this app or the activities you can perform using this single app.

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Features :-

  • Pre Book Jio Phone : Retailers can book or order jio phone directly.
  • Jio GST Registeration : Retailers can use this app for GST registeration.
  • Jio Digital KYC : Retailers can also completed digital KYC of customers using the app.
  • Jio Top Up/Recharge : Retailers can recharge their customer’s jio sim and pay postpaid bills with few clicks.
  • Device/Accessories Sell.
  • Utilities.
  • Ordering, Inventory and Returns.
  • MIS & Reports.
  • Jio Aadhaar eKYC

Benefits :-

  • 6% commission on Jio mobile top up or recharge.
  • Upto Rs 40 on every single Jio sim activation.
  • Buy Jio phone and Jio accessories directly from the app.

We have shared the details, features and benefits of jio pos app i.e. jio retailer app. Now, we are going to share the steps through which you can download jio pos plus new version in your smartphone.

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How To Download Jio Pos Plus New Version or Update Version :-

Update – Jio pos plus latest 12.1.9 apk version working on android pie or android 9.

This app is not available on playstore so we are going to share the steps through which you can download this app through a third party app i.e. Intelligent Hub app and we are also going to share the latest apk of pos plus app too.

#1 – Download Through Intelligent Hub app Third Party App :-

1) Download & Install App From Here

(Note : For faster speed, you should configure you jio internet settings)

2) Open the app

3) Now, you will be asked to enter email address or server.

4) Enter – “” and click on “Next”.

5) Now, you will be asked to enter the “Group ID”. Simply, enter – “partners” and click on “Next”.

Intelligent Hub App

6) App will ask you some permissions. Grant all the permissions this app asks for.

7) That’s it. You have successfully configured intelligent hub app.

8) To download jio pos plus app, open “Intelligent Hub” app and click on “App Catalog”

9) You will see a list of apps, the Jio pos plus app will be on the top of the list.

10) Click on “Download” or “Update”

Jio Pos Plus App

11) Click on “Confirm”

12) Downloading will start and after sucessfully downloading, click on “Managed Apps” and click on “Tab to upgrade”.

Update Jio Pos Plus

13) Follow the further procedure to install jio pos plus app in your smartphone.

#2 – Jio Pos Plus New APK Version :-

New update to this app is out and now the latest version of this app is v12.1.9 apk.

Download 12.1.9 APK Version

OLD Versions :-

  • 12.1.5 APK
  • 12.0.9 APK
  • 12.0.1 APK
  • 11.0.5 APK
  • 11.0.3 APK
  • 10.4.8 APK
  • 10.2.4 APK

How To Install Jio pos plus APK :

1) Firstly, you need to check whether your device allows installation from unknown source or not. So, click on “Settings”

2) Click on “Security”

3) You will see this option – ‘Unknown Sources – Allow installtion of non-official apps’

4) Turn this option on.

APK installed blocked error

5) Now, simply latest apk update or version from the link above.

6) Follow the further steps and grant the permission the app ask for.

7) That’s it. You have successfully installed the latest version.

Jio Pos Plus App For iOS, iPhone, Mac & Jio Phone Devices :-

Currently, jio pos app doesn’t support iOS, iPhone, MAC and jio phone devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :-

Q1 – Is this app available for Jio users ?

No. Normal users can’t use this app. Only retailers can use this app.

Q2 – Is downloading jio pos plus apk secure ?

Yes, this apk is 100% sure. We have fetch the apk from the official sources and make it available to you here.

Q3 – Why this app is not available on playstore ?

As we have already told you, jio pos plus app is available for jio retailer only so there is no need to make this app available on playstore when normal users can’t use this app.

Final Words :-

We have shared every single detail you need to know about jio retailer app i.e. jio pos plus app download via intelligent hub/ airwatch app and apk. If you have any kind of issues or queries then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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