Can We Download PubG In Jio Phone? Check Whether It Is True or False.

PubG Mobile Game Download For Jio Phone or Jio Phone PubG Download – A new news has started spreading on internet that Jio phone now supports Pubg game and this game can be installed in the jio phone by downloading a setup. Let’s get this straight, do you really think jio phone supports pubg game? If your answer is yes, then you must read this article properly as in this article, we are going to share all the details you need to know about pubg game in jio phone.

Previously we have shared about jio phone face lock app and jio phone fingerprint lock app and in this article, we are going to tell you everything about pubg in jio phone.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a 2017 online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. The game is based on previous mods that were created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for other games, inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, and expanded into a standalone game under Greene’s creative direction. In the game, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves. The available safe area of the game’s map decreases in size over time, directing surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. The last player or team standing wins the round. (Source).

PubG has become so much popular in recent days that almost all the people in the India have heard the name of this app. This is one of the most addictive game that you can play with friends and family members to relax your mind and body. Recently, a new news has started spreading on internet that Jio phone users can run pubg in their mobile phones. Let’s see whether the news – “PubG Mobile Game Download For Jio Phone” is true or false.

Can we download PubG in Jio Phone ?

PubG in Jio Phone
PubG in Jio Phone (Image found on internet)

After seeing pubg in jio phone news, I was like how can this thought even comes in the mind of anyone. Well, PubG game requires high end specifications i.e. good RAM and internal storage and it is impossible that a game like PubG can run of jio phone. Only the game’s step takes more than 1.5GB of space and this game needs minimum 3GB of RAM to run smoothly and the specifications of Jio phone is nothing in front of the smartphones that runs pubg smoothly.

Jio Phone 2 has 512MB RAM and 4GB internet memory so it is not even possible to install the game in the mobile. And afterall, the pubG game is launched in android and iOS not in KAI OS.

So, you must have understood what I am talking about. The answer to the question – “Can we download PubG in Jio Phone?” is big NO. It is impossible to download and install pubg in jio phone as Jio phone doesn’t have enough specifications to even download the game.

I don’t even know why this news is spreading on internet but we assure you that the news is totally fake. Some sites may also provide a pubg downloading link but that link may contain virus etc so we suggest you to stay away from those sites. Jio Phone doesn’t support pubg and it is not going to support in the nearby furture so simply take download pubg in jio phone thought away from your mind and stay focussed on other things.

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