How to Activate | Deactivate | Change Jio Caller Tune {Full Guide}

Jio hello tune tune services launched by Reliance Jio has become one of the most popular service among jio users because Reliance Jio doesn’t charge anything for this service + you will get a hell lot of songs to set your jio hello tune. In this article, we are going to share every single details you need to know about this amazing 100% free services and we are going to share step by step guide to activate or deactivate or change jio caller tune easily.

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Reliance Jio is still making dreams of millions of users come true. Back in 2016, when we all were settled with what we were getting from telecom services providers i.e. 1GB data for around Rs 300 for a whole month + we needed to pay additionally if we want to activate any extra services i.e. you needed to pay Rs 30 per month if you want to activate jio caller tune on your number.

But then, Jio steps in the market and shaked the whole market with its amazing services. Due to its service, they are able to make a huge customer base under its name. While using the services, a question that comes in the mind of every one is that, why they are offering everything for free? and what they are going to charge in future?

Well, this is a common questions that comes in every person’s mind because we have seen companies which gain the customer base within short period of time and when they are in monopoly they simply exploit their customers by offering same services at costly price.

Unlike other companies, Reliance Jio is still thinking about their users and they are still providing many paid services for free. For example : You can use jio tv app free for streaming TV online which alomost 600+ jio tv channel list while other competitors charges per month fees for it and another example is Jio Saavn app through which you can stream music online without any hidden cost.

Same thing applies to Jio caller tune service, while other telecom services providers are charging around Rs 30 per month for caller tune service, Reliance Jio is offering free caller tune or hello tune service.

The best thing about this services is that you are getting millions of songs to choose from whereas other provider charges extra if you want to activate a specific song.

Well, there are many amazing services launched by Jio but in this article, we are going to talk about Jio hello tunes and steps to activate or deactivate or change jio caller tunes for android devices, iPhones device or iOS devices and jio phone devices.

How to Activate or Change Jio Caller Tune :-

There are three methods to activate jio caller tunes or change jio hello tunes :-

  • JioSaavn App (Formerly Jio Music)
  • SMS
  • Start (*) to copy

How to Set Jio tunes In Jiosaavn or Jio Music app :-

1) Open JioSaavn App

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2) Login to your jio account

3) Search for the song online

(For example : I am searching for Bohemia.)

4) Click on the search results and go to the Jio caller tune song list of that particular artist, movie or album.

5) Click on the song you want to set as caller tune.

(For example : I am settings ‘Patola’ song by Guru and Bohemia)

6) When the songs starts playing, you will see message under the song name i.e. JioTune Available

Jiotune available to set as caller tune

7) If you getting this message then you song is available for setting as caller tune. Simply, click on it.

8) Now, you will see the option to “Set as JioTune”. Click on it. Does set jiotune option doesn’t appear in jio saavn app? Check solution of set jio tune option not appearing – Why set jio tune option not showing in jio saavn?.

Set Jiotune

9) A new popup will open on your screen, click on “Set as Jiotune” again for confirmation.

Set Jiotune confirmation

10) You will get successful activation message on your jio number.

jio caller tune activated

That’s it. You have successfully set jio tunes using jiosaavn app (formerly jio music app).

How to set Jio caller tune through SMS :-

1) Open message app

2) Type – “JT” and send it to “56789

3) Within few seconds, you will receive a reply from Jio.

set jio tune using SMS

In this message, you will see get options to select your songs. There are 3 category :

  • Bollywood
  • Regional
  • International

If you haven’t selected or have any song in your mind then these categories will help you find all available songs in the selected category but If you have already selected the songs then you need to compose a new message using the things mentioned below and reply on this same number again.

  • Type “MOVIE <movie name>” and send to “56789
  • Type “ALBUM <album name>” and send to “56789
  • Type “SINGER<singer name>” and send to “56789

For example :

  • Send “MOVIE 3Idiots” to “56789”
  • Send “ALBUM ThousandThoughts” to “56789”
  • Send “SINGER AR Rehmaan” to “56789”

4) Now, according to your keyword, you will get list of songs of movie, album or singer along with their unique number.

5) Reply with the number of the song you want to activate

6) Within few seconds, you will received a new message. Simply, reply with 1.

set jio caller tune through SMS

7) Now, you will receive confirmation for jio caller tune activation. Reply with “Y”

jio tune through sms

8) You will get successful activation message on your jio number.

jio caller tune activated

That’s. You have successfully set jio tone through SMS.

How to set Jio hello tunes through Star (*) to Copy Method :-

Through this method, you can copy the caller tune of any of your friend or family member.

1) Call the person who’s caller tune you want to activate on your number.

2) Once, you start hearing the song then simply open the dialor on your call menu.

set jio tune star to copy method

3) Type star (*).

4) Now, you will received hello tunes activation message. Reply with “Y”

jio tune through sms

5) You will get successful activation message on your jio number.

jio caller tune activated

That’s it. You have successful set jio tune using star to copy method.

So, we have shared details of every method to activate jio callertune or change jio callertune and this method can be used on android devices, iOS or iPhones and Jio phone devices. Now, we are going to share the steps to deactivate jio caller tunes through SMS or code.

How to Deactivate Jio Caller tune  :-

1) Open your messages

2) Type “STOP” to “56789

3) That’s it. Jio hello tune will get deactivated within few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Q1 – What are jio caller tune charges?

Ans – This service is free of cost. No hidden charges are applied to jio hello tune service.

Q2 – Will Jio hello tunes work when there is no plan activated on jio number ?

Ans – No. You need to have activate jio plan on your number to use this service.

Q3 – Can I activate any song I know about as caller tune ?

Ans – Not all the songs are listed in the database. So, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the article to check if the song is available or not.

Q4 – What are jio caller tune apps ?

Ans – The jio caller tunes app refer to the Jio Saavn app or jio music app. There is no specific app to activate hello tunes only.

Q5 – How to set jio tune which is not available?

Ans – You can’t.

Q6 – If there any toll free number to activate caller tune on Jio ?

Ans – No. There are just 3 methods to activate jio hello tune that we have already mentioned in the article above.

Final Words :-

We have shared every single detail you need to know i.e. how to activate, deativate or change jio caller tune and answered all thw questions related to jio callertune kaise set kare. If you still have any kind of issues then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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